What are the benefits of contributing to our bundle sales?

Contribute to accessibility of secular resources in the homeschooling community while reaping the benefits of leverage in three different ways:

utilize the audiences of all other contributors

If you're hoping to build your brand and get the word out about your curriculum or resources, a bundle sale can help make it happen. The sale itself will be advertised by every single contributor to their respective audiences.

This is such a beautiful, collaborative way to build brand awareness.

more offerings from others equals more sales for you

Let's say you sell your product for $10, or even $75. How many sales do you make per day on this product? Bundle sales are short but powerful. You'll make a generous 70% of the money on each sale through your contributor link. Let's say that the current run is selling at $30/bundle. That would be $21 per sale with your 70%. You're more likely to sell more each day of the sale then you normally do alone.

Get your work into the hands of actual homeschoolers

If you're worried that it will be more difficult to sell your work to our niche audience later, you're mistaken. If they love your contribution, they're going to talk about it. Your work will be in the hands of possibly hundreds of new homeschooling families after this sale concludes. If we know anything about homeschooling parents, it's that they LOVE to share what they're working on as a family. That could be your work.


What is a bundle sale?

We gather a bunch of homeschooling products, put them in a ZIP folder, and sell them all for one low package price! Rather than spending, say $500 for 20 different items, the home-educator will only spend perhaps $45. (As a quick example.)

It is a quick sale, anywhere from 6 days to 3 weeks.

What is the difference between submitting a product or a promotional offer?

A product would be a FULL e-book, e-course, workshop, etc. A promotional offer is a coupon for discounts on your products or shops. Promotional offers could also include samples of your product. Full product contributors get 70% commission. Promotional offer contributors get 50% commission per sale.

How do I submit a product?

You can use our easy submission form. Link below!

When will I get paid?

Payments are sent to every contributor within 30 days of the last day of the sale.

How do I get my contributor link?

Before the sale launches, you will receive a ZIP file of  the bundle as well as login instructions to create a contributor affiliate account. You will also have access to promotional material that may help you, such as banners.

How do you decide who is accepted as a contributor?

Secular content is our number one must. After that is overall presentation and quality. If you submit a sample of a product instead of an actual product, it will be categorized as a promotional offer instead of a product.

How much will I make?

Contributors get paid in TWO ways. One is for selling the bundle through their unique affiliate link. Each sale through their link earns them a 70% commission. Secular Homeschooler makes the other 30%. Any sales made by Secular Homeschooler gives us 70% (same as any contributor). The other 30% of each sale that we make will be divided evenly among the FULL-PRODUCT contributors after the sale, as a bonus payment.

How will I know if I'm accepted as a contributing author?

We will email you at some point before the sale begins with your acceptance, ZIP file, and login info for the contributor affiliate program. We may not have time to email every person that fills out the form, but we do consider every one that comes in. Audience size is not a factor for us because we truly believe in the power of this to build our secular education community.

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The Next Bundle Sale Starts October 1st!

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