Contribute a Product to Our Next Bundle Sale

This form is for content creators interested in contributing to the October 2020 bundle sale through by Secular Homeschooler.

Bundle sales make incredible curricula more readily available to the community, offer exposure to homeschooling brands, and help small businesses and homeschooling parents to make money with their projects and products.


+You submit your digital product(s) and info to us using this form.

+We review your product for quality and secularity. If it passes our content and quality requirement (totally secular), then it’s immediately accepted. You will be emailed with affiliate registration information for You’ll also receive plenty of media to use to share your affiliate link via your various social channels.

+We bundle all the products together in one package for one price and sell it over 1-2 weeks on

+You receive a copy of the entire package before the sale launch so that you can preview all the content to discuss with your audience.

+Your product and business information will be beautifully presented to THOUSANDS of members of the homeschooling community during an especially big time in the world of home education.

+You receive your own special affiliate link to the bundle page. Every person that clicks through YOUR link will be counted as your sale.

+You earn 70% of each sale made through your link as well, as a closing bonus.


The initial goal is to bundle resources under the 3rd-8th grade category. I’d love to create a bundle that says “You’ve Got This” as a welcome relief for families beginning this chaotic new school year. Resources for homeschooling parents, hands-on science or social studies for the homeschoolers, book studies, NaNoWriMo resources, arts and humanities activities, gameschooling resources, etc.

K-3rd and 9th-12th resources are welcome to be pitched as well. If we get enough content in one or both of these categories, we can hold multiple bundle sales on the new site!


This bundle sale will take place on October 1st, 2020. The deadline for product submissions is September 15th. The sooner you submit, however, the better. We recommend you spend some time before the sale writing blog posts or preparing social media posts. Media Affiliate Kits will be sent out to every contributor, starting September 15th. Products will be accepted or denied within 48 hours of submission.

If we don’t meet a minimum of 20 submissions for a grade category, we’ll postpone the sale until next quarter. I’ll let you know if this happens by the submission deadline.

We will be using a new website and a new affiliate system than we used during our first bundle sale. Please keep that in mind if you’ve bundled with us previously!

Troubles? Email your form submissions and file(s) to:

This form is for FULL PRODUCT contributors. If you’re only interested in submitting a coupon code, discount, or other similar offer, please see this form instead.